Weekend in Matera 2019: the charm of an ancient town.

 In Dinamo

What’s the best time, if not this, to visit one of the most fascinating cities in the world, European Capital of culture 2019!
Visiting Matera means taking a dip into the past, in one of the oldest cities in the world, perhaps even the third one by birth.
Among its “Sassi”, UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can breathe the authenticity of daily life lived in the stone.
It is here that glimpses always different and evocative leave the visitor speechless to admire an anthropological architectural masterpiece that has been shaped over the centuries.
The impression is that of walking in a sort of nativity scene, surrounded by extraordinary beauty and suggestiveness, in which the human element mixes with a wild nature bordered by the ravine.

weekend matera 2019 taste and go
Among the caves dug into the stones, which draw unique and unmistakable views, among the rocky churches and the bell towers that mark the time, while pieces of history date back to the Paleolithic, the city of Matera describes itself as majestic and fascinating, austere and simple.
For those who love the past, nature, walks, history, and traditions, and for those who love good food and traditions, this is Paradise.
The excellent gastronomic proposal comes from restaurants and clubs that liven up the nightlife, lately very lively.
In addition, a calendar full of events, organized on the occasion of investing the capital of culture 2019, make it an appreciated and not to be missed destination.
Taste & Go also organizes comfortable weekends in the capital of Lucania, to experience the magical atmosphere of this city just in the period of its maximum splendor.
Among excursions by foot and by bike, guided tours, and experiences, don’t miss the chance to book an escape from the stressful city to take refuge in a real treasure chest of nature, history, flavors, and suggestions.

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