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The trip, the experience. Puglia: a place to discover, enjoy and experience!

Visit Puglia on our e-bike’s saddle, cycling along country roads and alleys of the old tows. Travelling by e-bike means you can enjoy nature and landscapes in one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. Thanks to the pedal-assisted electric bikes, anyone can live an experience in contact with the Apulian history, tradition and nature, on board a comfortable and eco-friendly means of transport.

Taste&Go’s e-bikes

Taste&Go has more than 50 electric bikes that can be delivered everywhere in Puglia.


The e-bikes are designed to allow anyone, children and seniors included, to spend a bike holiday in Italy without breaking a sweat, thanks to a smart pedal-assist electric motor. In this way, seniors and children can go further than they would, under their own power without difficulties, enjoying the travel. While the sports enthusiast can train their body by using the e-bikes as standard bikes.
No license or any particular skills are required to drive an e-bike. Unlike the motorcycle, the bike has no accelerator: the electric assistance works independently and only when the rider starts pedalling

Our e-bikes have the following technical features that make them easy to drive:

  • Two sizes: small and large;
  • Light and easy to use;
  • Battery autonomy: up to 60 km, depending on the weight and use modalities;
  • 5 speed assistance;
  • 7 peed Shimano gear;
  • High-quality and safety brakes.