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A new way of travelling

Taste&Go offers routes brimming with surprises, tasty stops and breath-taking landscapes: routes that favour unusual and off-the-beaten-tracks, outside the traditional circuits and the standard guided tours. Our purpose is to let you know the real soul of Puglia, beyond its postcard image.
Each trip in Puglia organized by Taste&Go begins from the definition of the route to the selection of excellent accommodation facilities: old mansions, relais, hotels, farmhouses or bed&breakfast. A constant research to provide our customers with different experiences, able to combine relax and adventure, nature and history, flavours and activities.
Among old towns, rural settlements, cave churches, Masserias, vineyards, wineries and caves, our trips offer a full immersion in the most authentic side of Puglia, enriched by tasty experiences like cooking classes and tastings of typical products. Thanks to Taste&Go, you can have unforgettable Apulian experiences.


like “taste
the taste of Apulian culinary traditions. Ancient dishes still today prepared following the old recipes, with seasonal products and high-quality ingredients. The food in Puglia has the flavour of the authenticity.


like “accommodation
the hospitality of a land characterized by a mild climate and a warm atmosphere, able to give visitors extraordinary emotions that make you feel like home.


like “sustainability”
pbecause Taste&Go leads you to discover extraordinary places on electric bikes, choosing alternative itineraries, outside the standard routes and respecting the territory and nature


like “taylor made
because we offer tailor made proposals: holiday packages, group tours, team building events and meetings. Each solution is designed to satisfy the needs of visitors, with the possibility to customize the tours in each detail.


like “experience”
because we combine the discovery of the places with a wide range of experiences that meet the needs of different tourists. Tastings, cooking classes, light lunches, boat excursions: each activity is a travel to know the real soul of the Puglia region


because with Taste&Go
you will start discovering Puglia by e-bike, an alternative and eco-friendly means of transport to move fully respecting the environment and without difficulties. Thanks to the various models, anyone can live a different holiday: more dynamic, more adventurous and funnier.